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Welcome to FindWaterfrontBar.com

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FindWaterfrontBar was created to catalog all bars and restaurants with a water view in the United States. 

FindWaterfrontBar is dedicated to the notion that it is always more pleasant to sip a drink or eat a meal with a view of the water.  It is a web site for water people.

What IS A Waterfront Bar? it is a bar, tavern, or restaurant on or near the water, with a view of the water and which serves alchoholic beverages. This can range from a poolside hotel bar in the mountains, to a Caribbean style Tiki Hut in Key West right on the beach. You must be able to have an alchoholic beverage and see the water at a WFB.
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We are supported by you, our readers and contributers. Please help by sending a donation.

We strongly encourage you to please register  and enter your favorite waterfront bars that we have not already listed. You can help by correcting information and photos about places you've been to by upgrading to Editor status (see the link below) and correcting those entries. 

To contribute in otherways please contact the WFB Webmaster by clicking on the "send email" link below.

There is an interactive Forum where you can discuss and review the bars and restaurants in this database as well as just discuss waterfront bars in general. There is a link on each individual bar page to the topic for that bar in the forum. One of the main topics in the forum is a FAQ.

Advertising on this site is currently only available in the form of featured listings. Soon, display ads for waterfront related businesses will be available.

If you are a bar owner and wish to feature your bar or restaurant, find your bar listing and follow the link "Upgrade Listing" to purchase a premuim listing. A premium listing causes your bar or restaurant to be displayed at the beginning of search results, and even have an optional ad displayed above all results. You can currently purchase this feature online.

If you are a bar owner, you can "claim" your listing by following the "I Own This Bar" link. Once you claim the listing, you can edit it, add photos, update happy hour details, etc.


HELP: We are looking for a few volunteer editors who can specialize in a state or two and be responsible for editing the entries in those states. Of course you would have to visit as many of the bars and restaurants as possible :-)

To help us maintain the listings, request a membership upgrade to Editor status.

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